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SmutPod's Podcast


Sep 7, 2020

Porn Models:

Is it a good idea to get breast implants and/or tattoos

Sep 7, 2020

3D Sound Experiment 17

This is just a quick experiment with 3D sound.

I am not sure if I have done it correctly.

For the best results, please use headphones.

#ASMR #3DSound #Binaural3D #Binaural

Sep 6, 2020

I do a bit of a chat about OnlyFans.

My main points were if you plan on doing an OnlyFans to think before you do so. Look at as many vids and articles as you can for advise and tips before you start.


Do not rely 100% on OnlyFans as your only income as your putting all your eggs in one basket.

Look at also using the...